Minnie Mouse blanket

Attempting to make this blanket for a customer. Having trouble getting the chevron stitch working properly. I don’t have a pattern. Making my own.


Update on my sleeping hands.

I had the carpal tunnel test. Which came back negative. So back to the drs. Mri on my neck recommended. Had mri horrible experience. Never want to have to do that again. It freaked me out being enclosed like that. Felt a bit claustrophobic. Results back have arthritis in my neck and several vertabrae are damaged and are putting pressure on nerve which is causing hands to fall asleep. Also above the damaged disks there is a abnormal vertebrae. The dr says either a lesion or blood vessels making it look abnormal. So have to have a ct scan now. A bit worried about results. Take it one day at a time.

Granny square rug

I’m knitting a granny squares rug in my favourite colour blue. Well lots of shades of blue. I’ve done some multicoloured squares with flowers. I’ve done these reversing colours. Also white squares in between and squares of each shade of blue as well. It’s not quite finished. I’ve got a complete round to add. White squares with blue solid squares in between. Enjoyed getting back into some crocheting. I have found it hard for awhile. My hands have been falling asleep. Pins and needles. I’ve had some tests done. Carpal tunnel tests. They came back negative. So then I had a mri on my neck. Came back with arthritis in my neck with disk damage and a abnormal vertebrae. So now for a ct scan. I’m a bit scared about the results.


Been quiet for quite a while. My crocheting hasn’t stopped. But I have just been concentrating on my health. Eating properly or better, exercising, spending time with my son. School , work opportunities. Life goes on. I have just finished two bunnies completely and one finished but no clothes. Photos to come. Also working on my own granny squares rug. It’s in my favourite colour blue. Different hues,light and dark and a bit of white. I’ve tried a few different squares. Some where odd shaped so got rid of them. But stuck with several I liked. Looks great will post photos.