Redoing a handbag


Redoing a hand bag. 

Hopefully it looks better this time. Had some trouble with it last time. I am doing multiple coloured rows. And I did some too tight last time so it was a bit out of shape. But practice makes perfect.

Morning my crafting world.

I’ve gone a bit off crocheting at the moment. Still finishing my orders. But don’t have anything creative going on.  I’m getting fit looking after myself. Started Rhee tae kwondo. Really enjoying. Hoping to lose some weight. But haven’t as yet. But will keep pushing on. I’ve also been studying which takes up time. Then my lovey children are keeping me busy. With a bright three year old who is in the middle of being toilet trained. Then the sixteen year old twin girls. What fun . One has dyslexia, so continually making sure school work is done and that she is coping. Then her sister is pushing the boundaries trying to grow up to quickly. Then I have my twenty year old. Who is working on his music. But doesn’t have a job. So supporting him too. But he’s home safe and drug free. So that’s the positive. Besides being busy I have my wonderful partner and his children. Who are fantastic. Other news my best friend is getting married. I’m her maid of honour, I feel old. Can’t wAit, so I’m working on my second crochet hook case.