Hi peeps

Sorry haven’t finished anything in the last few days. Had family visiting which keeps me busy and away from my crocheting. Which I love and miss. But going to be busy next few weeks. Will fit in some crocheting. Hopefully finish a pair of converse, two rabbits and a slug terra, don’t forget a rug. 


The world is crazy. 

I think if we get rid of the sanctity of marriage between a man in woman. It opens the floodgates for Christians to be persecuted for their beliefs. Our values our laws are all based on Christian values. It is just the beginning of the undoing of a civilised country. It’s happening in other countries. Do you think it will stop at marriage equality.  It will pave the way for other beliefs of Christians to be abolished. Like Easter and Christmas.  Before we know it sharia law or another religion will take over. You may think I’m being unrealistic. But am I look at the rest of the world who have gone this way. England changed the meaning of marriage. Christians are being prosecuted for saying they believe marriage is between a man and woman.  You can’t even say that is what you believe and there being prosecuted. 
Love your neighbour. Love all people the same. Where does this come from. The bible. Do not judge . The bible. Do unto others as you wish to be treated the bible.  So some bad things have happened st the hands of religious cults. Even Christians have done bad things. But as everyone keeps saying Muslims aren’t all terrorists. Well not all Christians interfered with children. 

We talk about not being racist against people because of their skin colour, their build, their sexual preference, their gender, their religion, their weight, their height, tattoos, piercings , rich or poor. Where does this come . From the bible where it says do not judge others. 

What I am saying if we lose all these values what sort of world are we going to be living in. I’m sorry if you disagree. I believe everybody has a right. But what are we giving up in the process? 


I don’t voice my opinion very often. This is because people take it wrong. Someone always get offended. So I made the mistake of passing on a messenger message to some friends and they were offended. I didn’t mean anything by it. I don’t believe in forcing people to have the same veiws as myself. I like a debate but dislike when people attack each other personally. So I apologised for offending anybody. I’ve made a pact to keep my veiws to myself in future unless asked. Better to be safe than sorry.