Felt like doing something pretty. 

I started making a couple of flower blankets last year. 

I didn’t get far after I finished an afghan for a lovely lady in America. So I’m back at it again. I’m not sure if they will be afghans or doll blankets or purses. Not sure what do you think. 


Morning folks.

Hi. I’ve been slack the last few days. I over did it one day last week and couldn’t move my shoulder. So I’ve been resting it as crocheting seemed to aggravate it. I have been working on my crochet case. That’s it for now. The next or so I’m going to be trying to study. So I’ll be doing s bit less. But I will keep u up to date. Toodlooo

Worst thing I’ve ever done. 

The booties I’ve tried to make four times. Pulled them out. Started again. Tried to write my own pattern. Didn’t work look terrible. Decided to leave it for three or four days and have another go. … so making another hook case. One this time for normal hooks. Room for scissors, tape measure, pins ect. … 

Hi ho folks.

I’ve been working on my sites today. Adding items to etsy leArning a few tricks about getting traffic to my store. Not working so far…. hmm. Working on my hook case. 

I’ve done more since I took this pic… I got quite frustrated. As I skipped a stitch and didn’t notice for another seven rows. So pulled it and did it again. Anywho I got tired, eyes are strained. So finished up for the day. Off to bed.