Been away for Easter visiting family in adelaide. Day one went to a fair in the suburb the meadows. A lot of craft stuff but over priced. Tea st my sister in laws. Roast chicken and veg. Yum. Saturday went into the city and had lunch at the market. Chinese food. Yummmy. Then walked to the mall. 15 min walk. So nice. Then grandma bought Hannah vans for her birthday. Half price. What a bargain. Then back to my sisters for tea. Trinity cooked spaghetti bolognaise. Sunday drove to mount barker to spend the day with my brothers, mum, sister in law and niece. Went to park and had a bbq lunch. Then we played cricket with a baseball bat and tennis ball. Then reverted to kickball. Played kick with max he loved it. So cute. ( he’s three). Then back to my brothers the kids had a go on his virtual reality game. Max 3 and Abbie 5 were so cute trying to touch and catch the fish. Abbie kept taking the headset off to see if she could see the fish. Lol. So funny. Then back to my sister in laws for tea. Chicken stir fry and rice. Yum. Monday. Went to thrift shop got some bargains. Then went to ikea for lunch. Lol. Cheap lunch. Then we drove home. Great trip. Love spending time with the fam . Happy Easter everybody.

Update on my sleeping hands.

I had the carpal tunnel test. Which came back negative. So back to the drs. Mri on my neck recommended. Had mri horrible experience. Never want to have to do that again. It freaked me out being enclosed like that. Felt a bit claustrophobic. Results back have arthritis in my neck and several vertabrae are damaged and are putting pressure on nerve which is causing hands to fall asleep. Also above the damaged disks there is a abnormal vertebrae. The dr says either a lesion or blood vessels making it look abnormal. So have to have a ct scan now. A bit worried about results. Take it one day at a time.

Granny square rug

I’m knitting a granny squares rug in my favourite colour blue. Well lots of shades of blue. I’ve done some multicoloured squares with flowers. I’ve done these reversing colours. Also white squares in between and squares of each shade of blue as well. It’s not quite finished. I’ve got a complete round to add. White squares with blue solid squares in between. Enjoyed getting back into some crocheting. I have found it hard for awhile. My hands have been falling asleep. Pins and needles. I’ve had some tests done. Carpal tunnel tests. They came back negative. So then I had a mri on my neck. Came back with arthritis in my neck with disk damage and a abnormal vertebrae. So now for a ct scan. I’m a bit scared about the results.